The Bridgettine Sisters praying for KCST India

The religious sisters have been victims of harassment, physical violence, break-ins and threats caused by the uneasy peace in India. Your contributions help improve security and provide infrastructure improvements to their facilities where they live and pray.

Cloistered Carmelite Nuns
Who you’re helping: 10 sisters and 6 candidates

They live within the four walls of their convent and rely fully on generous hearts and spend their full time in prayer and contemplation.

Bridgettine Nuns
Who you’re helping: 8 sisters and 5 students

They live as semi-cloistered by spending most of their time in adoration and rely mostly on generous support.

Congregation of Teresian Carmelite Nuns
Who you’re helping: 63 sisters and 28 candidates

Are seeking assistance for the education of their candidates and the young sisters.

Dina Sevana Sabha (DSS) Sisters

The Congregation was founded exclusively for the upliftment and the liberation of the Poor. The Charism of the Congregation is “Upliftment of the Poor” and the Motto is “Service in Charity and Poverty.” The prime focus of our apostolate is the poor, marginalized and downtrodden in the society. The members of the community lead a very simple life and dedicate their human and material resources for the integral growth and the wellbeing of the poor with a special focus on women, children and destitute.